MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner - Initiation

 MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner - Initiation
President Ballard knew what it meant for Elder Gardner to be initiated into the Order. Not only was he opening himself up to a side of his sexuality he wouldn't have dared to even name, he was feeling the first schisms within his head between his previous sense of morality and his burgeoning appetites.

This can be very challenging and difficult on a Mormon boy, and Elder Gardner was certainly struggling. Having confessed his desires to the older man, he didn't know what he would do next. Was he going to be sent home? Would he tell his parents? His community?

Instead, President Ballard told him about a secret society known as the Order. This strange, elusive sect within Mormonism safeguarded the true priesthood authority as handed down from father to son, man to boy, from the first prophet through the generations.

And the true and higher priesthood was not something every boy would know about or understand.

President Ballard explained that Gardner should do as he says, follow his instructions, and the great truth of the organization would be his.

Elder Gardner agreed to do as he was told, knowing both that he had no real choice, but also desperate with curiosity about this truth. A truth connected to his deepest and most secret desires that had caused him so much shame and guilt.

President Ballard arranged for the boy to meet him in the office of the president at the temple the next day. There, Gardner received brief instructions. He was told that he must do exactly as he was told. Anything short of total obedience, and he would not be allowed to proceed further.

He was told to undress, remove his garments, put on his temple shield, and join the older man in a private room to be prepared for his initiation.

As Elder Gardner stood in the white room, feeling the cool air pass over his naked body, he found himself once again at the mercy of President Ballard's touch.

The President moved his hands over his face and body, washing then anointing nearly every part of him, reciting the words he'd heard his first time through the temple, but sounding strange in this new context. This new perspective aroused him, each touch exciting his body, bringing his penis to rise.

President Ballard could see the boy's reaction, distracted from his words by the boy's soft moans. His body moved closer, pressing against his buttocks. There was nothing between them but the thin fabric, and his hands were actively engaged in touching him from head to toe.

Ballard caught himself staring at the boy, seeing his lean frame strong and firm. He did not tremble. He barely moved his neck. He was so devoted and committed to doing what he asked. It was intoxicating. So much so that he couldn't help but lean in and kiss the boy's shoulder, holding back his darker desire to bite.

Once his hands met the boy's loins, he could feel the boy's erection. Elder Gardner remained still, all the while his mind was wrestling deep down between having been told it's wrong and wanting him to keep going.

Ballard, feeling the boy's pulse rush into his penis, turned Gardner's head to his, meeting his mouth with his own and kissing him deeply. As ceremony fell to seduction, they gave into their desires completely.

President Ballard grabbed at his neck, moving his head to kiss down his neck, inhaling his natural fragrance as he trailed his collar bone. Something about his scent drove him wild, and he continued down his torso, stopping at his throbbing erection.

As if to complete his ritual and orally anoint his dick, the older man took his cock into his mouth, sucking on it slowly and sensually while lightly tugging at his balls. He could practically feel the young man's potent seed, churning inside, ready to spring out.

Elder Gardner's cock stood at full mast while the older man eagerly pushed it to the back of his throat. So much had happened to him in the last 24 hours, it was hard to believe he was the same person living the same life. It was dizzying to imagine what all he could have missed had he not been honest in that interrogation chair.

President Ballard turned him around, getting a close up view of his ass. His own thoughts stirred in his mind as he recalled that the boy has only known his mouth and his cock. Prior to their meeting, Gardner's body was a sacred temple. And something about that makes him ravenous for more.

He gently nibbled at the boy's supple cheeks, trying not to bite down to hard. His animal nature rose to the surface, making more lustful and unable to control his urges.

He removed the boy's shield, stripping him of his last shred of civility and cover before bending him down on all fours. Elder Gardner spread his legs apart, exposing his hole for the man, hoping to give the wild man what he wanted. Ballard looked on pleased for only a moment before continuing to taste him all over and making his way to the center of his butt.

President Ballard brought his face barely a couple inches from the boy's tender center and took a deep breath before letting his tongue loose on Gardner's pucker, tasting him and devouring his hole.

In turn, Gardner's breaths shallowed, barely giving him air enough in his lungs for his whimpers to become audible. The boy was locked in erotic anticipation at what the man will do, desperate for him to keep going and scared that he could stop.

The handsome man spread the boy's cheeks apart, watching closely as his hole opened to reveal his pinkness. He held the boy in place, letting the bright color linger in the air for a second before making a large drop of his spit fall inside. He watches as his hole reacted to it, clenching down as if it was trying to swallow his fluid.

Such a beautiful boy.

Would you like more of this? Ballard asked, teasing the boy in his state of anxiety.

After a long pause, the boy answered timidly, I'd like more.

Through a devilish smile, Ballard simply replied, Perfect.
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 MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner - Initiation  MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner - Initiation
 MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner - Initiation  MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner - Initiation
 MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner - Initiation
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 MormonBoyz - Elder Gardner - Initiation

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